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Oct 03

1ST Annual RUXER FORD OPEN (Results)

Event Results

$1,000 Guaranteed First Place!!!!!!

5 Game Sweeper

November 22nd
Eastown Lanes 1370 Crossroads Jasper, IN 47546
Entry Fee $50 Re-enter $40
Prize Ration Approx 1 in 8 based of 64 entry’s
  • Each participant will bowl 5 games across 10 lanes
  • FORMAT: Bowl 5 games on a modified house shot moving after each game. Cut to the top 8 based on 64 entry’s for Head to Head match up where bowlers will be seeded by total pins and placed into a single elimination Head to Head bracket 1vs8, 3vs6, 4vs5, 2vs7. Ties for the last spot will be broken by match-play tiebreaker. Ties in Head to Head play will bowl a four frame tiebreaker (frames 7 thru 10) using 40% of the one- game handicap. During match play and tiebreakers a bowler who has all strikes can do no worse than tie their opponent. Also first place in each squad will be guaranteed a spot in the top 8 step ladder final
  • HANDICAP: Will be based on the bowlers highest 2013-2014 USBC league average for 21 games or more. If no qualifying average, bowler must use current USBC league average of 21 games or more as of March 14, 2014, if no current average, they must bowl scratch. Handicap will be based off 85% of 220. Regardless of average, no bowler will receive more than 68 pins per game. Handicap also applies to stepladder finals. MAX of 300 score for any game
  • Any bowler arriving late shall begin play with the score counting beginning with the frame being bowled. A bowler who misses one or two frames by not being present and ready to bowl when it is there turn shall not be credited with any pins for the frames missed
  • The first squad will bowl at 1:30 pm and second squad will be at 5pm limit of 70 bowlers per squad. Lanes will be stripped and oiled between each squad.
  • Optional Scratch Event: For an additional $25 entry fee bowlers may enter a scratch side pot within the regular event. Payout will be 1 in 5. Winners will be determined by total scratch pins from the 5-game sweeper
  • Brackets and High game pots will be per squad
  • Registration will start 45 minutes prior to start time of shift; Reentry possible if spots available
  • For more information call Paul Lemond at 812-481-2695 or email at


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