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Jul 08

2016 Strassenfest Tournament

August 5th and 6th
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  1. All participants must be sanctioned members in good standing of USBC. The tournament shall consist of a 2 member team event and a singles event. Participants will bowl four games for doubles and the best 3 of those 4 games will constitute their singles score. This tournament will be sanctioned by U.S.B.C.
  2. You may bowl doubles with more than one person on your same squad. Cost is $10.00 per person
  3. AVERAGES – The entrant will use their USBC highest final sanctioned league average for the 2015-2016 season. If a bowler does not have an average for the 2015-2016 season, they can use their 2014-2015 sanctioned season average. A STATEMENT VERIFYING CURRENT AVERAGE MUST BE SIGNED BY THE ASSOCIATION SECRETARY AND IT MUST BE PRESENTED TO THE TOURNAMENT OFFICE BEFORE BOWLING IN THIS TOURNAMENT. If a bowler does not meet either of the above requirements, they must bowl scratch. USBC rule 310A-3, 319A-4, 319A3, 319D and 319E, which states that it is each bowler’s responsibility to verify the accuracy of their average for this tournament. USBC article 5, Section D is also in effect for bowlers who compete in leagues in more than one association. USBC rules will prevail. We reserve the right to re-rate an average. If re-rate average is not accepted by bowler, entry fee shall be refunded. Must indicate if average is based on a Sport Bowl league. Pacers are allowed, Rule323 to keep all bowlers on same pace if necessary.
  4. Handicap base score for Singles & Doubles is based off 220. The handicap in each of these events will be calculated by 80% of the difference between your average and the base scores. If a bowler has not participated in at least 21 league games for the 15-16 season, their 14-15 season highest league average must be used. If no average has been established, bowler must bowl scratch. A maximum of 64 pins total handicap per person will be allowed per game. The line-up shall be same as shown on entry.
  5. All prize fees will be returned 100% in cash prizes. There will be at least one prize for each ten entries in each event. USBC high game and high series awards will also qualify to participants during this tournament. Bowlers may enter the tournament as many times as they wish. You may collect prize money in the singles event only once and in no case shall the same two persons on a Doubles Team be permitted to place more than once in the prize list for position standings. Entrants need not report money won in tournaments in the past year, refer to USBC Rule 319D. Pay-outs on entry form are based on 1 out of 10 entrants per event. Entry fee $45.00 ($10.00 lineage, $1.00 expense fees, $34.00 prize fund).
  6. Your entry form MUST BE accompanied by cash or check in the full amount. Make all checks payable to Eastown Recreation Center, Inc. No entry fee will be refunded after received by the secretary.
  7. Any bowler arriving after the competition has started will be able to bowl and the score to count beginning with the frame then being bowled. NO SCORE WILL BE GIVEN FOR FRAMES MISSED.

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